Game Enough to Learn

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Imagine creating your very own fun and interesting digital learning games. Now you can!

Pauseability offers online courses and in-person Game Enough to Learn workshops.

These are suitable for teachers, parents and authors. It is easy enough for preschoolers to create their own games and yet also sophisticated enough to use for older learners.

Look at our showcase of games that have been created by Moses and participants of our workshops.


Online course for game creation is now available. Use “FIRST072016” for 30% off this course. Discount code is valid till 30 Sep 2016.

You will need either an iPad or an Android tablet to create your own game.


There are customised workshops as well as public ones.

Let us customise the workshop to your needs. Write to us at for samples of the games.

Our upcoming public workshops will be published here. Keep a look out.

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Are you Game Enough?