Tropical Fruits

An interesting way to learn how to spell the names of some tropical fruits.

Are some of these too unfamiliar to those who are not in tropical Asia?

All the same, it was fun putting this together. Illustrations were created using Procreate on the iPad.


Artsy Gifts


If you are looking for an artsy gift, these sets of cards are going at a special price of $10 only. Limited sets available.
Highlight: If you have just been to the Century of Light exhibition at the National Gallery, the Impressionist Go Fish cards would interest you.
View the other sets at our Facebook shop.
Check out other gift ideas at A Rhyming Tern:

Discount on Resources

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 11.09.21 AM.png

Have you seen the Pauseability resources available at This includes a couple of free resources like our M Leo the Merlion clipart.

Two recent updates are:

  1. We have a 25% discount for this September school holidays. Use the discount code SEPHOLS2017. Valid till 10 Sep 2017 only.
  2. The second volume of A Word, A Thousand Pictures has just been added. Learn more about some Chinese words through this series which also includes some wonderful artwork. This is written in English.

If there are resources you would like to see available, do let us know.

Creation Pack


In TinyTap, there are graphic elements called Creation Packs that are available for use when creating a TinyTap game. When given the chance to put together a pack, it is an opportunity to help others create visually interesting games – how wonderful is that!

Pauseability proudly presents the M Leo’s Home Sweet Home Creation Pack on TinyTap. Be sure you are connected to the Internet when you log-in to the TinyTap app and you will see the Creation Pack on the bottom left of the screen when you start creating a new game.

This is just in time for Singapore’s 52nd National Day too. So, if you are in Singapore, consider creating a TinyTap game using M Leo. Hope you like the Peranakan-inspired wall, the hints of Singapore in the scenes.

Download the app and enjoy! Let us know what you feel about this Creation Pack and also send us the links to your TinyTap creations.


Support Resources


Did you know that I have created Teacher’s Guides and Printables for some of my TinyTap games?

These are available at Teacher’s Notebook and they are free to download (for now).

Let me know what you think of them. If you have suggestions of resources that I should create, do let me know too.