Places and Voices

If you mapped out where you stay, what would that look like and what stories would you tell?

As part of a new project I have just embarked on, I spent this afternoon with two wonderful seniors who told me so much about the neighbourhood they love and the precious memories they have.

Uncle Poh, who recovered very well from stroke, told me about times when he used to gamble and smoke and now he is quite the exemplary exercise fan. Hear him here

Mdm Chan has the most lush and beautiful pots of plants outside her flat, and clearly love plants and flowers. Let her tell you about this place where she has stayed for 36 years –

What an honour to have interacted with both of these wonderful people! So glad that art and technology could be leveraged upon for this experience.


Monster Cakes

How about a yummy fun way to introduce colours? Can you find all the monsters in this game?

Choice and combinations thrown in to create many options – that’s how I created the monsters and structured this new TinyTap game.

The illustrations were created using Vectornator Pro.

Permutations and combinations. Still hoping to create a “Choose your adventure” story.

Tropical Fruits

An interesting way to learn how to spell the names of some tropical fruits.

Are some of these too unfamiliar to those who are not in tropical Asia?

All the same, it was fun putting this together. Illustrations were created using Procreate on the iPad.


Bobo, a story written and illustrated by Moses, is now available on TinyTap.

You will get to know a little more about the places, people, food and languages of Singapore.

Perhaps the writing and the audio could both do with a little more polishing but hopefully it is still a fun read. Having the audio is a great way to bring across the language which is somewhat limited in print.

Peranakan Porcelain

Peranakan Porcelain are distinctive and beautiful, and lately they have attracted the attention of many collectors. These were made in China exclusively for the Peranakan community in South-east Asia and so have colours and designs that are unique.

So, it is such a delight to have Baba Richard create this simple introduction to Peranakan Porcelain using TinyTap.

The game is found here:

Seniors have much knowledge and experience to share from and TinyTap is one very good platform to help them capture and share this. If you are keen to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Sparks! Art Wellness

At the end of 2017, Moses had the privilege of being part of a pilot art residency in nursing homes. He spent 10 sessions at a nursing home creating art with 10 seniors there – from building up unique faces to dressing these characters up, painting the background and making the furniture, and finally giving voices to these characters at their imaginary Happy Kopi place.

All these will culminate in an exhibition in Raffles City from 9 to 18 March 2018 together with artwork from other seniors.

Read Moses’ reflection here:

To experience the wonderful TinyTap multi-touch dimension of the seniors’ artwork, click on these links below:


Learning to Code


Learning to Code using Swift Playgrounds on the iPad is a fun introductory class for learning what coding is and trying your hands at coding.

Here are some heads-up for you:

On Saturday, 28 Oct, there is a nationwide Hour of Code event for seniors running at 16 NLB libraries. More details will be posted here as they become available.

Currently, we are also working out possible classes with People’s Association (PA) and so a CC or RC near you might just be offering this class soon. Keep an eye out for the schedule on this website.

Create Possibilities with your iPad with these Learning to Code and also our Game Enough to Learn classes.

ePix Creation Workshop on 7 Oct – Register Now

UPDATE (20 Sep): The course has been cancelled as there has not been an registration thus far. Keep a look out for our next TinyTap class.

UPDATE (6 Sep): Course fee has been reduced. It is now $50 only. Sign up soon!

In conjunction with Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing Singapore, we are pleased to present a Create Your Own ePix Books workshop on 7 Oct 2017.

Register here:

An ePix book is an electronic Picture Book which you can make easily and independently. You can use it and view it online or even have it printed into a professional looking book. A good ePix Book features a magical combination of multimedia and interactive elements which add to the storytelling and reading experience. In this workshop, participants will use a free app named TinyTap to create the ePix book. Pick up tips from the creator of ePix books and write and illustrate your very own ePix Book!
Together, we will …
– explore elements of storytelling
– use the free app TinyTap to write, illustrate and create an ePix Book (please bring your iPad or Android tablet for this workshop)
– have plenty of fun stretching your imagination and creativity
– experience the joy of publishing your first ePix Book!

Creation Pack


In TinyTap, there are graphic elements called Creation Packs that are available for use when creating a TinyTap game. When given the chance to put together a pack, it is an opportunity to help others create visually interesting games – how wonderful is that!

Pauseability proudly presents the M Leo’s Home Sweet Home Creation Pack on TinyTap. Be sure you are connected to the Internet when you log-in to the TinyTap app and you will see the Creation Pack on the bottom left of the screen when you start creating a new game.

This is just in time for Singapore’s 52nd National Day too. So, if you are in Singapore, consider creating a TinyTap game using M Leo. Hope you like the Peranakan-inspired wall, the hints of Singapore in the scenes.

Download the app and enjoy! Let us know what you feel about this Creation Pack and also send us the links to your TinyTap creations.