Places and Voices

If you mapped out where you stay, what would that look like and what stories would you tell?

As part of a new project I have just embarked on, I spent this afternoon with two wonderful seniors who told me so much about the neighbourhood they love and the precious memories they have.

Uncle Poh, who recovered very well from stroke, told me about times when he used to gamble and smoke and now he is quite the exemplary exercise fan. Hear him here

Mdm Chan has the most lush and beautiful pots of plants outside her flat, and clearly love plants and flowers. Let her tell you about this place where she has stayed for 36 years –

What an honour to have interacted with both of these wonderful people! So glad that art and technology could be leveraged upon for this experience.


Joy of Learning

Recently, I was able to conduct a one-day Joy of Learning workshop with preschool teachers, in collaboration with The Learning Caravan. It was conducted in Mandarin.

We enjoyed learning together as we experientially explored TIM-BUG-Tool¬†alongside Multiple Intelligences and the Reggio Emilia’s Approach, ending the day with Reflective Practice.

The best moment is seeing the delight on the faces of the participants and the hope is that they bring back this same joy of learning with them into their interactions with their young ones. This is what learning and teaching creatively about.

Contact us at to find out more.

Sound Asleep

Sound Sleep – a lullaby-in-a-book with 7 adorable and whimsical illustrations.

This is the latest pauseability press ebook. Good for the little ones and also for older folks – everyone can enjoy this.

The 7 illustrations can also be printed as nursery decorations.

At SGD10 7 only.

Tropical Fruits

An interesting way to learn how to spell the names of some tropical fruits.

Are some of these too unfamiliar to those who are not in tropical Asia?

All the same, it was fun putting this together. Illustrations were created using Procreate on the iPad.

Sparks! Art Wellness

At the end of 2017, Moses had the privilege of being part of a pilot art residency in nursing homes. He spent 10 sessions at a nursing home creating art with 10 seniors there – from building up unique faces to dressing these characters up, painting the background and making the furniture, and finally giving voices to these characters at their imaginary Happy Kopi place.

All these will culminate in an exhibition in Raffles City from 9 to 18 March 2018 together with artwork from other seniors.

Read Moses’ reflection here:¬†

To experience the wonderful TinyTap multi-touch dimension of the seniors’ artwork, click on these links below:



Have a happy Chinese New Year!

(This was put together using a number of apps on the iPad. The dog with the faux paper cutting pattern using Inkpad, then using Procreate to add the smile, and Pic Collage for the background and Spark Post for the text. Photo in the background was taken last Saturday morning just before starting a 3-hour lesson.)