Sound Asleep

Sound Sleep – a lullaby-in-a-book with 7 adorable and whimsical illustrations.

This is the latest pauseability press ebook. Good for the little ones and also for older folks – everyone can enjoy this.

The 7 illustrations can also be printed as nursery decorations.

At SGD10 7 only.


A Place in Our Hearts

This is a community bonding event that Pauseability is organising.

We are looking for participants and volunteers. Do check out the website

Tropical Fruits

An interesting way to learn how to spell the names of some tropical fruits.

Are some of these too unfamiliar to those who are not in tropical Asia?

All the same, it was fun putting this together. Illustrations were created using Procreate on the iPad.


Bobo, a story written and illustrated by Moses, is now available on TinyTap.

You will get to know a little more about the places, people, food and languages of Singapore.

Perhaps the writing and the audio could both do with a little more polishing but hopefully it is still a fun read. Having the audio is a great way to bring across the language which is somewhat limited in print.

Creativity Bootcamp

Intensive. Imaginative. Invigorating.

A very unique and special 5-day Creativity Bootcamp for Seniors.

Moses spent this past week with 20 fantastic, energetic and super fun participants exploring how technology can help all of us stretch those creativity muscles we all have.

Technology is more often than not seen used as a consumption tool and so miss out on the treasury of creativity which these well within reach technology can unlock in us.

Using iPhones and iPads, the participants took excellent photos, discovered their musical (and for some, learning about music formally for the first time), authored their first multi-media digital book (best sellers in the world akan datang), learned about coding and made interactive games, and took their first step towards making their blockbuster movie – casting, directing, filming, editing and creating a trailer. All these within 5 days! Their stamina and enthusiasm are amazing.

Here they are in action on day 1. Below is a sample of the final project on day 5 of the Bootcamp – enjoy the sense of humour and fun.

Watch this space for details of more such opportunities.

Feel free to contact us if you are keen to organise workshops that bring out the creativity that is in all of us.

A big huge thank you to all the inspiring participants of this wonderful first Creativity Bootcamp for Seniors.