Learning to Code


Learning to Code using Swift Playgrounds on the iPad is a fun introductory class for learning what coding is and trying your hands at coding.

Here are some heads-up for you:

On Saturday, 28 Oct, there is a nationwide Hour of Code event for seniors running at 16 NLB libraries. More details will be posted here as they become available.

Currently, we are also working out possible classes with People’s Association (PA) and so a CC or RC near you might just be offering this class soon. Keep an eye out for the schedule on this website.

Create Possibilities with your iPad with these Learning to Code and also our Game Enough to Learn classes.



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Pauseability is glad to present the Squiggle ebook. This is a compilation of the creative responses to an invitation to expand on a given squiggle.

Download from: https://payhip.com/b/3xgO

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Discount on Resources

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Have you seen the Pauseability resources available at https://payhip.com/PAUSEABILITY? This includes a couple of free resources like our M Leo the Merlion clipart.

Two recent updates are:

  1. We have a 25% discount for this September school holidays. Use the discount code SEPHOLS2017. Valid till 10 Sep 2017 only.
  2. The second volume of A Word, A Thousand Pictures has just been added. Learn more about some Chinese words through this series which also includes some wonderful artwork. This is written in English.

If there are resources you would like to see available, do let us know.