ePix Creation Workshop on 7 Oct – Register Now

UPDATE (20 Sep): The course has been cancelled as there has not been an registration thus far. Keep a look out for our next TinyTap class.

UPDATE (6 Sep): Course fee has been reduced. It is now $50 only. Sign up soon!

In conjunction with Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing Singapore, we are pleased to present a Create Your Own ePix Books workshop on 7 Oct 2017.

Register here: http://alap.bookcouncil.sg/courses/detail/creating-your-own-epix-books

An ePix book is an electronic Picture Book which you can make easily and independently. You can use it and view it online or even have it printed into a professional looking book. A good ePix Book features a magical combination of multimedia and interactive elements which add to the storytelling and reading experience. In this workshop, participants will use a free app named TinyTap to create the ePix book. Pick up tips from the creator of ePix books and write and illustrate your very own ePix Book!
Together, we will …
– explore elements of storytelling
– use the free app TinyTap to write, illustrate and create an ePix Book (please bring your iPad or Android tablet for this workshop)
– have plenty of fun stretching your imagination and creativity
– experience the joy of publishing your first ePix Book!


Creation Pack


In TinyTap, there are graphic elements called Creation Packs that are available for use when creating a TinyTap game. When given the chance to put together a pack, it is an opportunity to help others create visually interesting games – how wonderful is that!

Pauseability proudly presents the M Leo’s Home Sweet Home Creation Pack on TinyTap. Be sure you are connected to the Internet when you log-in to the TinyTap app and you will see the Creation Pack on the bottom left of the screen when you start creating a new game.

This is just in time for Singapore’s 52nd National Day too. So, if you are in Singapore, consider creating a TinyTap game using M Leo. Hope you like the Peranakan-inspired wall, the hints of Singapore in the scenes.

Download the app and enjoy! Let us know what you feel about this Creation Pack and also send us the links to your TinyTap creations.