TinyTap Workshop

What a privilege to meet a group of teachers working with preschoolers who spent their Saturday becoming familiar with the use of TinyTap for teaching and learning. They were enthusiastic, creative and brought such a positive spirit to this workshop yesterday.

I am looking forward to seeing the many wonderful TinyTap games they will create as teachers as well as with their young learners.

Pauseability offers workshops on the use of TinyTap with the young, the old and the young-at-heart. Discover the power to create as a way to learn. Keep a look out for news of upcoming workshops in this website or contact us at pauseability@gmail.com to explore further.




Was playing around with creating these emoji ice cream cones – the idea for this mash-up came from it being Emoji Day and Ice Cream Day.

When I shared them with Adam, he suggested that I consider selling them as Line stickers. With a quick search, I ended up trying the Mojilala site to do this. It was a fairly painless and rather quick process.


What happens after this? To be honest, I still do not know. It is fun playing and learning. I do like this set of emoji ice cream cones – charmingly cute, aren’t they?

These were created using the Inkpad app.