Be an Explorer


What can you do with a doodling-colouring book?

You could create a very special and personalised gift for someone special.

You don’t even need to be able to draw well. Use stickers and colourful tapes, or paste ephemerals like ticket stubs. Photographs can be used too.

If you find words hard to come by, consider  finding your favourite quotes or lyrics. Write them or type and print them.

Hide a little surprise like a voucher inside. It could be a voucher for a good hug, or to help wash the dishes. Then wait for it to be claimed.

This could even be done together with that special someone. Get the materials ready and spend some quality time together filling up the book.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Hope these ideas have inspired you.

Our 8-page Travel Doodle-Colour Journal might just be the thing for you. Available as an ebook here at SGD1.60.



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