CNY 2017


It’s the Lunar New Year of the Rooster.

新年新鸡 乐欢呼

会多多 天天乐

Loosely translated, this greeting goes:

New year, new ventures, hip hurrah!

Pauseabilities abound, joyful day to day!

In Chinese, the word for Rooster is (ji1) which sounds the same as the word 机 as found in  会 “opportunities” (also, the well known 危 “crisis”). So the greetings above is quite a pun-ful one.

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Have a most blessed year of possibilities ahead!

P.S. A note about the image for this post. It is created by me as part of Artist Trading Cards. There is an upcoming ATC exhibition in Bishan Library from 10 to 17 Mar. Keep a look out for more details.


Say, Say, Say


TinyTap has just added another cool new feature – Talk or Type. For fill-in-the-blank kind of game, it is now possible to just say the answer.

I have just created this game that uses this feature and it comes in different languages too. For now, you will have to play the game on an iPad for this feature to work.

Give it a try and let me know what you think, or discuss ideas of how this feature can be used in learning.