I have been creating games and interactive stories on TinyTap for a while now. It such a fabulous app to use and a thrill to be able to see how it can be best woven into a good learning resource.

When I looked at the number of play counts, I am much heartened. Adding the number of play count and download count, it stands at more than 16,000 times.

Hopefully more people will discover this fabulous app not only through playing existing games but also through the joy of creating their own.

If you would like some guidance, a gentle nudge and perhaps to benefit from some of my crazy ideas, talk to me about TinyTap workshops.




In Sep, I conducted TinyTap Game Enough to Learn workshops for 45 teachers working with preschoolers. I am glad that the majority have found the workshop useful and given positive feedback. If I may beg your indulgence, here are some of them:

“It is useful and practical for teaching.”

The trainer provides examples, tips and links to enhance the games. As a result, I have created a simple game making use of all the features.”

The session was very informative, delivered well and definitely created awareness and interest in the app. I would highly recommend having this session made available for others to attend.”

“The session was extremely interesting and opened up a new avenue for creating Literacy tools and involving the children in this process.”

“It was an eye-opener to discover how quickly and efficiently the TinyTap app can be used to create simple and interactive activities.”

“The tool taught is very useful for creating materials for children or co-creating materials together with the children.”

“It has been a fruitful session where we learn to design a customized learning game to suit the learning needs of my students.”

It is rather refreshing to learn that children can be engaged through (digital) educational games.”

This workshop can be customised for teachers, parents, seniors, just about anyone really. Please contact us soon.