Sg Launch – Creative Cool Cat

Photo 27-8-16, 8 36 30 PM

This morning, we had the Singapore launch of Creative Cool Cat – A Guide to TIM-BUG-Tool at OnePeople.Sg.

We started off by going bananas a little … using bananas as a topic to learn about the model of creativity in the book. From learning fascinating facts from each other to considering how an engineer might create a box to preserve bananas for a long time, we had fun getting creatively cool.

Photo 26-8-16, 5 59 42 PM

After some light morning snacks, which included different types of bananas, we had a behind the scene peek into how the illustrations for the book were created using the iPad.

Thank you for the support and encouragement.

The book is now available at SGD10 either by directly contacting Pauseability at or through the LocalBook.Sg website.

Photo 27-8-16, 7 51 18 PM

Those who came to the Launches added their creative touch to the background of this piece.



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