Precious Plastic Big & Small

We are proud to bring you Richard Wee’s unique collection of these beautifully handcrafted bags and pouches in this book “Precious Plastic Big & Small: The Collection of Richard Wee”.

What at first might look like beaded pieces are actually made using a mostly forgotten “folk craft” of knotting plastic string.

In this 48-page A4 landscape photo book, enjoy the huge variety of pieces that Richard has painstakingly collected over the years.

It is our hope that it will also spark an interest to re-discover more of such pieces tuck away in our homes or memories.

This is a book to be savoured and treasured.

Limited copies will be available from 9 July 2022. Pre-order yours today!

Otter Moves

Try out these short exercises done in intervals. The sequence of the 5 exercises is imagined as a trip to a fruit orchard, picking the fruits, sharing them before eating and ending in a happy note.

It does not take a lot of time and can serve as a useful and much needed break to recharge in the midst of our busy schedule.

The important thing is to remember to cross the midline when doing each one.

For instance, in Otter Walks, it is not about marching on the spot. It is important that as we lift our knee, we need to cross the midline, in other words, move the right knee towards the left and vice versa.

While it is quite evident for the rest, for Otter Munches, pay attention on the elbow and ensure that the right elbow crosses towards the left as you bring the arm down as if munching on a fruit.

For each rest period, do remember to breathe in deeply. Imagine breathing in as if smelling a flower and breathing out as if blowing out a candle. To remind ourselves to breathe with our diaphragm, put the other hand on our tummy to feel it expand and constrict.

In this video, the exercise intervals are at 30 seconds instead of 45 seconds. Find an interval timer, such as, to customise your own.

Do let me know how you feel after trying this out. Tailor it to your needs and with some modifications, it can be used with seniors too.

The design of this exercises and the illustrations have been created by Moses.

Viva la Vectornator

In this article featuring artwork created using Vectornator, 3 pieces by Moses were spotted.

Vectornator is a really versatile and powerful tool for creating vector pieces. It is also a free tool and it gets better and better with each update.

Moses also enjoy sharing with others how they could also start drawing with Vectornator, and as he often says “even if you feel that you cannot even draw a straight line.”

Thank you Vectornator!

Education Facilitator

One of the regular work I do is being an education facilitator at National Gallery Singapore. What is really fun is the process of inviting conversation and building meaning together with young visitors, who range from preschoolers upwards.

It certainly goes beyond merely dishing out information and it is ever so refreshing listening to the various perspectives each time. I have learned as much from my preparation for each session, if not more, from these interactions.

In these past 2 years, the splendid team has bravely been an early adopter of virtual tours and I dare say we have done well.

With the same spirit of encouraging participation, each online session is lively and responsive to each class. When the students are on individual devices, the responses can get blown out of the waters, especially when they get to use the chat function.

Even now, as the situation becomes better, both on-site and online tours are being offered. As we all know, there are marked differences between a physical and a virtual tour, and to be able to see the actual masterpiece has an edge. One crucial element for learning in both instances would be to have many opportunities to construct meaning together, which is the essence of the role of facilitation.


Ever wondered how we might do better with online art classes, especially the ones that involves tactile materials and processes?

I had the privilege of journeying alongside the team at Co:Creation to look at this through formulating a range of online classes with local artists, test run them and spend time reflecting on what we can learn from each run.

A series of sharing sessions were then conducted so that the community of art educators could benefit too.

If you are looking for quality art workshops, do check-out Co:Creation.

PE showcase 9 Apr

This coming Saturday, you can get to know more about each of the 4 Playship Edventures launchpacks in 4 different sessions. Happening on Zoom. Use the link shown.

What’s more, we have a special craft session at 12.50 pm. Learn how to make blue-banded bees. What are blue-banded bees, join us to know more. This session will go live on the PE Facebook page too.

See you on Saturday. Time stated is Singapore local time.

ArtXplore 2.0

ArtsXplore 2.0 is a 4-month platform for youths to learn more about how the arts could be leveraged upon to raise awareness of vital social issues. There were 5 groups looking at 5 themes. It ended on 31 March 2022.

I had the privilege of being a mentor to a group that was looking at the vulnerable. The group eventually looked at seniors living in difficult situations.

We met almost once a month not only to discuss the project but also to listen to some prominent voices working within each of the themes. Mentors were also given the stage to share about their work.

These formal meetings, together with the time each group spent on their own to discuss and actually create an exhibit as well as a pitch, made this period really chockfull of activities. The 2 youths I worked with already have very packed schedule and their commitment and resilience (both even took turns to get C+) amazed me.

All the best Mariam and YQ as you move forward with what you are passionate about making a difference for!

Closed Caption during Presentations

Online transcription has come a long way and when applied to closed captions for live presentation, the speed and accuracy is most impressive. The Microsoft engine even handles live translation very well.

This is useful not only for those who have impairment in their hearing, which can affect us as we grow older, but can also be useful for those listening in from a noisy environment or might not be able turn up the volume of their speakers or headsets.

Here are 3 ways that we can set-up closed caption on Powerpoint, Google Slides and Zoom.

I hope these are useful for you.

Cannot Forget Illustrations

Cannot Forget is a collection of childhood stories from a group of storytellers. It was a pleasure creating the illustrations for these stories that had a dash of nostalgia and yet hopefully does not look dated.

Since I did live through similar times, I also tried to consider what a young reader today might not know about when they read the story and to use illustrations to support that. I do hope that for older readers, the illustrations could evoke some sense of reminiscing too.

In the printed version of the book, the illustrations are in black and white while the ebook has the coloured versions. This book is available at

You will notice in the last slide above that there is an offer for educators to get a free ebook copy which is valid till the end of this month. The link for this is