Pattern More Than Badminton

Over the recent weekend, Moses facilitated an art workshop for a family as they celebrated their father’s birthday. I call the workshop Pattern More Than Badminton. The workshop was a surprise for the father.

Each of them created an artwork using patterns on a small card and then we put all of that together into one collective artwork.

This made a very unique present for the father. And as a additional surprise, there is an AR element to this. Using Artivive app to view this completed artwork, a video from the family members cab be seen singing him a birthday song.

If you are keen to have a similar session, do write to us soon at

What is the Surprise?

Very pleased that on 29 Aug at 10 am, we launched our 3rd Playship Edventures Launchpack – What is the Surprise?

Like our 2 earlier Launchpacks, it is chock-full of happy learning activities that comes with an original story, and active learning in different domains and includes Asian context, and support materials like templates, game kits and videos.

Here’s the link to the video of the launch Join in the singing and also know more about our 3rd Launchpack.

Artwork at Gallery Light Up

We are pleased and honoured that the artwork Serene by Moses will be part of the series of artwork to be projected onto the canopy of National Gallery Singapore as part of Gallery Light Up from 24 July to 30 August 2020 from 7 pm to 12 midnight.

This is inspired by Cheong Soo Pieng’s Weaver.

There is a hidden Augmented Reality (AR) feature just for this artwork which Moses created. Use the free Artivive app to view this artwork to enjoy it.

If you are curious about the process of creating these AR, you can read it in thus other blog post.

Activity Booklets for Seniors

Due to COVID-19, seniors, who are most vulnerable , are encouraged to stay home. These set of 3 activity booklets were specially designed for them. They are free to download and print at

This series was put together over the last few month by this team of artists.

Animation, Anyone?

Want to try out simple stop-motion animation? All you need is your mobile device and some everyday items to get started. Let this video show you how you can give it a try. Suitable for all ages.

Click this link

There is also a printable that goes with it.

Special thanks to the National Arts Council for this opportunity, and to be part of SGCultureAnywhere.

Clickaty-Clack Card

Would you like to try your hand at making this fun card that changes? Join our online workshop this Saturday, 20 June, from 10.30 to 11.30 am. It will be held over Google Meet and is suitable for all ages.

The materials you need are A4 paper (recycled paper blank on one side can be used), colour pencils or markers and a pair of scissors (optional).

Cost: pay as you wish at the end of the workshop

Please register here and we will send you the meeting details.


Writing Chinese

Here’s a fun way to practice writing Chinese characters. It’s a free add-on in TinyTap and Moses have designed these Chinese writing interactive. Give it a try.

Look for the TinySketch section in the opening screen. Tap on the graphic with “A for Apple”, scroll to find the Chinese writing set.

TinySketch is at the bottom left corner in this image
The words for different animals you could try.

You might also notice that these words have the same radical on the left side. 犭

Pix and Poems – a free ebook

So delighted to present another wonderful community effort that brought together writers to create 31 fun poems in response to either a prompt, and illustration or both.

This started with 14 prompts for “aprillustration” each starting with P, and these prompts and illustrations were offered as an invitation for the poems.

Within a fortnight of the call, and within a month of starting with the illustrations, this fantastic ebook has been created collectively.

This 50-page ebook is available for free download at

Read the book and tell us what you think. Better yet, be inspired and share with us your creations too. And not forgetting to share this ebook with your friends far and wide.