Learn to Pause, Pause to Learn

What is pauseability?

Pauseability is the name of the consultancy set-up by Moses in 2007. It captures the concept of learning to pause and pausing to learn.

This coined-word is a play on the ability to pause and also exploring possibilities./pauseabilities.

Pauseability is about

  • finding space to slow down
  • reflections
  • learning
  • creativity
  • art-based explorations
  • conversations

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What’s new?

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A Guide to TIM-BUG-Tool

Creative Cool Cat – get to tap on your own creativity with this Pauseability publication.

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Create Digital Learning Games

Game Enough to Learn – create your own digital learning games.

Artist Trading Cards
Artist Trading Cards

What do we offer?

Some of the tools and activities we offer and facilitate include:

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Learn to Pause, Pause to Learn.